Robin Benoit
Purchase Clerk
Phone: 228-466-8231 Fax: 228-466-8234


Hancock County Purchasing Department is committed to the highest standards of service. Our primary objective is to have on hand necessary goods to insure uninterrupted operations at the lowest possible expense. More briefly summarized: it is to obtain what is wanted, when it is wanted, where it is wanted, of the right quality and at the right cost.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Department of Purchasing has sole responsibility to purc​hase all equipment, heavy equipment, machinery, supplies, commodities, materials and services used by any office or department of the county except those offices or departments whose expenditures are not required by law to be approved by The Board of Supervisors (31-7-101,103).

Purchasing Guidelines

  • $0 – $5,000 – Quotes requested but not required
  • $5,000 – $50,000 –  Formal written quotes required (Competitive)
  • $50,000 and above – Sealed bid process including public advertising

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