Hancock County Emergency Operations Center Kiln, MS

Emergency situations take place every day throughout this community.  It takes a team of dedicated professionals to make certain that Hancock County is prepared.  With direct and continuous communications with the cities of Bay St. Louis, Diamondhead, and Waveland, along with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, and the volunteer fire departments in the communities throughout the county, the EMA office is there to give guidance and support.

Brian T. Adam, EMA Director

Phone: 228-255-0942

Address: 18333 Highway 603 Kiln, MS 39556

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“My Name is Brian “Hooty” Adam. I was appointed as the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Director in 2003. My position also serves Hancock County as the Fire Coordinator, Fire Investigator and Homeland Security Coordinator.  I have been in the Emergency Services Field for 37 years holding the positions of Firefighter, Captain, Training Officer (Diamondhead Fire Department), Assistant Fire Chief (City of Bay St. Louis Fire Department), and Firefighter (City of Waveland Fire Department). My Certifications are in Firefighting, Fire Investigations, Fire Inspections and Emergency Management. In 2006 I was selected as the Mississippi Civil Defense Emergency Management Association (MCDEMA) Emergency Manager of the Year. I have also served as the MCDEMA Board of Directors President, Vice-President and Board Member. I am proud to be a lifelong resident of Hancock County and enjoy spending time with my family, fishing and officiating football.”


John Albert Evans, EMA Deputy Director

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Holly Bilbo, Operations Officer

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Ashley Ladner, Administrative Assistant

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Emergency Operations Center

18333 Highway 603

Kiln, MS 39556

Office: 228-255-0942

Fax: 228-255-9456


Located on Highway 603 less than a mile north of the Highway 43 intersection.

Hurricane Evacuation Routes

When hurricanes are approaching, don’t take chances. Regardless of the projected path of the storm, always travel northbound. DO NOT evacuate parallel to the coast. Also, consider taking an alternative evacuation route to avoid traffic congestion on Highway 49 and Interstate 59. Alternate evacuation routes can be found in the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s Hurricane Guide

MDOT Hurricane Checklist

MDOT Hurricane Preparedness Link:

MDOT Hurricane Evacuation Guide Link:

MDOT Hurricane Checklist Link:

To request the EMA office to attend an outreach event, please contact Ashley Ladner at 228-255-0942.

In the event of a hurricane or other major disaster, the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency has five (5) emergency shelters that can be activated.  One of those shelters is strictly for those people with Medical Needs, such as constant medical care or other disability requirements.

If you feel you would need assistance getting to a shelter during a hurricane or other disaster, please contact the Hancock County EMA office at 228-255-0942 or Central Dispatch at 228-255-9191.

Dedeaux Shelter                                                                               Flat Top Shelter

1095 Road 350 Kiln, MS                                                                  24075 Highway 43 Picayune, MS

Kiln Shelter                                                                                      Necaise Shelter

18320 Highway 43 Kiln, MS                                                            30360 Highway 603 Perkinston, MS

Leetown Shelter

28900 Leetown Road, Picayune, MS

Pet-Friendly Shelter

In the event that the storm shelters are opened, the Community Center at the Necaise Shelter will be available to house small domesticated animals.  Family pets such as cats and dogs, gerbils, iguanas and other small reptiles are welcome.

Pet owners will be required to:

  • Bring cages/kennels to house your animals

  • Bring water, food, and food bowls for your animals

  • Bring any medication required for your animals.

  • Animals must be current on all vaccinations, including rabies vaccination and the owner MUST provide a copy of current vaccination records in order to house animals at the shelter.

For additional animal assistance, please visit the Humane Society of the United States website for more information.

Before hitting the water, it is important to follow a pre-departure checklist to ensure you have everything you need in case of an emergency. Once on the water, an emergency situation can arise or the weather can change drastically. If you notice storm clouds off in the distance, an increase in the wind, or a sudden drop in temperature, getting off the water is the best precaution to take.

For up to the minute marine tidal current conditions, click here to check out NOAA’s Tides & Currents Website.  Click here for the NOAA Tide Predictions Chart link.




Station Address

Bay St. Louis

Monty Strong

543 Main Street, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520


Mike Munger

4440 Kalani Dr., Diamondhead, MS 39525


Tommy Carver, Jr.

427 US Hwy 90, Waveland, MS 39576

Bayside Park

Tony Johnston

6218 W. Hinds St., Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

Clermont Harbor

David Brown

5272 Clermont Harbor, Clermont Harbor, MS 39558


Wade Ladner

20224 Fenton Dedeaux Road, Kiln, MS 39556


Tim Cameron

16148 Fire Department Road, Kiln, MS 39556


Rayme Lee

24440 Rester Road, Picayune, MS 39466

Post 58

Mark Manuel

25150 Hwy 603, Kiln, MS 39556

West Hancock

Deedra Burton

16006 Washington, Pearlington, MS 39572

For more information, please visit the Hancock County Firefighter Association Facebook Page.

Hancock County Firefighter Association | Facebook

The next Hancock County Local Emergency Planning Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 10:00 a.m., at Stennis Airport.

Emergency Management Agency

The Hancock County Emergency Management Agency provides protection for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Hancock County.

These goals are accomplished through effective contingency planning, disaster event coordination with local and state agencies, all-hazards public education, disaster training and exercises for emergency responders which is accomplished throughout the five phases of Emergency Management: prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

Hancock County EMA Kiln, MS

Emergency Operations Center

18333 Highway 603

Kiln, MS 39556

Office: 228-255-0942

Fax: 228-255-9456

Hancock County Alert Notification

Sign Up For The Free CodeRed Emergency Notification Service  

CodeRed will notify you in the event of an emergency situation or critical community alert through a phone call, text message, email, or mobile app notification. Examples include: severe weather, natural disasters, evacuation notices, power outages, boil water notices, missing persons, and any other potentially dangerous or hazardous situations.

Register for CodeRed online by creating an account here. Once registered, download the CodeRed mobile app to have alerts sent directly to your mobile device. The app is available for download on any Apple or Android device.

Are you prepared for the next emergency?

Planning and preparing can make a big difference in safety and resiliency in the wake of a hurricane. The ability to quickly recover following a hurricane requires a focus on preparedness, advance planning, and knowing what to do in the event of a hurricane.




Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Failing to evacuate flooded areas, entering flood waters, or remaining after a flood has passed can result in injury or death.



Most injuries and fatalities from tornadoes are caused by being struct or cut by falling or wind-borne debris. When a tornado threatens, your goal is to go to the safest place for protection before the tornado hits and to take additional measures for personal cover.



Recent national tragedies remind us that the risk is real: an active shooter incident can happen in any place at any time. The best ways to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe are to prepare ahead of time and be ready. Taking a few steps now and mentally rehearsing what to do can help you react quickly when every second counts.