How do I surrender a pet?

Surrendering a pet? You are not alone. Many of the pets we receive each year are given up by their owners. Giving up a pet is a difficult decision to make, but there are other options too. Consider Re-homing your pet before bringing it to the shelter. If you are thinking about surrendering a cat or dog, please read more details on the Rehome website.

If you have decided you just want to surrender your pet, please make sure you meet the requirements and provide the following information below.

Information You Are Required to Provide

  • Contact Information: Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Proof of Hancock County Residency
  • Any veterinary records you have for your pet.
  • The fee for surrendering a pet is $15 for a single animal and $25 for multiple animals. The surrender fees go towards the animal's vaccinations.

Animals surrendered by appointment only.

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