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Filing Fees

Document TypeFee
Original complaints/civil cover sheet (plus separate checks for process made payable to the Sheriff of said county)$161.00
Original cases passed to the files and reinstated$85.00
Cases received on change of venue and transfers$88.00
Enrolling Foreign Judgment (numbered and handled as a new case)$161.00
Garnishment, judgment debtors, executions, and renewal of a judgment$36.00
Enrolling judgments from other courts$5.00
Cancellation of judgment$1.00
Certified copy$1.50
Certified copy under acts of congress$3.00
Sheriff’s Fee - per defendant ($5.00 extra for two at the same address)$45.00
Appeal on the criminal case from a lower court$110.00
All copies (per page)$1.00
All faxed copies (per page)$1.00
Petition to review/appeal$161.00
Petition for a Hardship License$211.00
Criminal and civil record checks (per ten years)$10.00
Civil appeal (appeal bond 124% of judgment)$161.00

  • Please note that all civil actions must be accompanied by a separate check for process made payable to the said Sheriff.
  • Please prepare all summons for the defendants.
  • This office shall not accept any court orders that are unsigned by the judge and all court orders must come to this office with court dates already filled in. All court orders must be set through the court administrators' office and sent to this office after they have been signed by the judge.