Rental Facilities

Download and view facilities that are currently available for rent by the Hancock County Board of Supervisors. For more information on booking, please call 228-467-4157.

View community centers that are currently available to use at no charge for county residents. Each center has an overseer that can provide information and booking details. Please contact the community center listed for more information.

Community CenterCommunity Center OverseerPhone Number
Arlington Community CenterAlbert Jeanfreau228-342-2869
Catahoula Community CenterLatina Robinson228-255-8000
Fenton Community CenterBo Ladner228-216-9926
Flat Top Community CenterAimee Caccato504-915-4948
Kiln Community CenterKaren Lewis228-493-5666
Necaise Community CenterDena Saucier228-216-0898
West Shoreline Community CenterTrina Mitosinka228-493-2987